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Root Canal Treatment

$290.00, Root Canal Treatment on Any Tooth

If you’re suffering from tooth pain, a general dentist might be able to help, but a better bet would be an endodontist. With more education and training, endodontists are better equipped to diagnose and treat tooth pain and diseased teeth. When looking for the best endodontist in Mexico, look no further than Rio Grande Dental.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or gum sensitivity for a prolonged period of time, it may be the result of structural damage to your tooth. You might need a root canal, but don’t be too concerned. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain but actually, alleviates it. To find out if you need a root canal, make an appointment today.

Most teeth that have had root canal treatment last decades, even a lifetime. But sometimes, teeth that have been treated don’t fully heal and can become infected or inflamed months or years after initial treatment. If your tooth didn’t heal or new problems arise. If you’re experiencing pain in a previously treated tooth, make an appointment to visit Rio Grande Dental.

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